Connect your recruitment needs with our qualified solutions

We are the right partner for, if you need to:

  • hire a Specialist or Manager,
  • source a candidate with a unique profile (technical skills, with particular language proficiency),
  • recruit an IT Specialist for a project,
  • fill a lot of vacancies due to opening a new branch or changing a company’s structure,
  • evaluate the potential of group of candidates,
  • improve compensation and benefits strategies in your company,
  • gain up-to-date information about the labour market trends in your sector.

You always have the final decision. We work to optimise job opportunities for candidates across our partner companies and at the same time, we work to minimize the efforts made by our partner companies with their recruitment and selection processes of the right candidate.  We offer our clients a range of experienced candidates from diverse industries,a service which is highly admired.

Cooperation Recruitment services designed to meet your specific needs.
Recruitment We apply our sourcing expertise according to your needs, offering such services as permanent recruitment, executive search, IT specialists and contractors staffing.
RPO By having our consultants on-site assistance for all your recruitment activities, you will benefit from our experience and gain access to a serious candidate pool built from our data base and networks.
Compensation & Benefits Consulting You have the option to consider taking a professional advice in the field of your compensation and rewards policy to increase employee retention in your company.

Working with passion, we make every effort to do more than it is expected from a recruitment agency. Our aim is to be a step ahead of the demands required in a constantly evolving labour market…



Increase efficiency in hiring and retention

Finding the best people for our clients is the core of our business.

Typically, we strive to develop a long-term partnerships and work in constant cooperation with your internal HR team. We conduct recruitment for every required position.

Hitherto our major focus has been focused on staffing IT specialists. Our commitment to work has earned us to develop the trust and respect of our clients. Therefore, we continue to strengthen our competencies and reliability in IT sector but also beyond. Successfully we cooperate with companies from Telecommunications, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Production, Pharmacy, Finance, Banking and Insurance.

Relying on the procedures and methodology developed over years via our consultants’ regional practice and having gathered a significant network of connections, we recruit personnel for such positions as Production Managers, Quality Specialists and Managers, Logistics Specialists, Business Analysts, Risk Managers, Tax Auditors and others.



Recruiting is based on proper communication between Employer and Candidate. That is why we attach a great importance to fostering best practice standards througout the entire hiring process…

The recruitment process starts with communication. We care about our client’s satisfaction and that is why we concentrate on identifying all individual requirements. Our consultants’ are always ready to help and using their best knowledge, they will support you by analysing and creating a candidate’s profile more than adequate for any vacancy that needs to be filled.

After choosing proper selection criteria we immediately start with sourcing.Active market research is done by utilising flexible sourcing channels such as our own data base, professional and social networks, referrals or job portals advertising. Our daily target is to research more than 300 potential candidates.

Following a pre-screening process, we continue with gathering essential information. Our consultants carry out competence interviews, evaluate candidates’ language skills, motivation, teamwork attitude and flexibility, check their references and present to the client only those who match criteria settled for the identified position.

First completed shortlist is ready within a few days of the client’s request. Selected candidates are introduced to clients with a full evaluation report including, among others, a skills and qualification assessment, interview briefing and information about flexibility and motivation.

Our support does not finish here. Bearing in mind the complexity of issues which occur during the recruitment process, we assure pre-employment support, such as client’s interview assistance, post interviewees’ feedback, salary negotiation and on-boarding of new employees. Furthermore, as a reflection of the high competence of our consultants and their reliability, which have been confirmed by our established clients, we can provide a real guarantee of suitability for every recommended candidate.



Having a clear understanding of the high-tech labor market’s requirements, we respond to strong demand for IT professionals by sourcing particularly hard-to-find IT profiles…



Clue IT profiles that our high-tech recruiters search for:

  • Programmers (Java, .NET, C/C++, PHP, iOS, Android, COBOL, etc.)
  • Designers and Architects (technical, solution, enterprise, etc.)
  • Analysts (business, technical)
  • Databases and Reporting (Oracle, Microsoft, Cognos, SAS, Informatica, BI/DWH, etc.)
  • Networks (CISCO)
  • ERP AND CRM (SAP, Navision, Siebel, Cramer, etc.)
  • Infrastraucture (Window, Linux, UNIX, etc.)
  • Consulting (functional, technical, business)
  • Storage and Backup
  • Help Desk Specialist

Our friendly team of IT and Engineering Recruitment Consultants supply both permanent and contract staff to leading vendors and systems integrators. We work to optimize job opportunities for candidates across our partner companies and at the same time, we work to minimize the efforts made by our partner companies with recruitment and selection of the right candidates.

We are committed to locate best qualified candidates to fill senior-level, executive, highly specialised or other critical vacancies in your company…


Find clue specialists that will add value to your company

We understand that finding the perfect match is not only about fitting selection criteria. Having professional experience in talent sourcing, we provide our clients with a sufficient number of suitable candidates for the positions of highly skilled specialists and managers across various business sectors and industries.

Anticipation of any difficulties that may occur in recruitment process and particular care about in-depth evaluation of candidates’ potential, let us conduct executive and direct search for any specific position with flawless results.  While headhunting for people characterized by the desired attributes or certain languages skills, our consultants pay special attention to aspects of cultural sensitivity.

We work with respect to people, confidentiality and the client’s process.

For customers who intend to improve their internal hiring effectiveness, we offer a flexible collaboration solution - we deploy and dedicate our recruiter to manage the whole client's recruitment process onsite…



Diverse applicants pool and make full time usage of our best practice to attract talent.

Let us help you do your business better and faster with the right people.

We can, on a temporary basis share our human resources and recruitment tools with you. By having our consultants assigned to all your recruitment activities you will benefit from our experience and gain access to a seriously impressive candidate pool built from our data base and networks.

Implementing RPO will free you from worrying about employment policy and procedure issues. Finally transferring the responsibility for managing your in-house personnel, will allow you to concentrate on the parts of the business that you do best.

Following changes in the job market area, we undertake to provide ad hoc and flexible recruiting solutions by facilitating access to the significant pool of highly-skilled independent contractors…



Enlist contractor’s services for better hiring plans adjustment If your recruitment’s needs are increasing due to opening new projects or you simply want to reduce costs and paperwork in your HR department, you might be interested in collaboration with contractors.

This interim solution will give you the access to highly qualified human resources with theoretical knowledge and technical skills from all business sectors, especially IT specialists and top managers.

We provide professionals with safe and an independent environment, available for projects or permanent work in all Information Technology sectors, for instance operating systems, hardware architecture, programming languages, application software, databases and data networks.

Review compensation and benefits strategy of your company

Regardless of, whether you need help in resolving a specific issue or in running a complex project, you will achieve your desired result with us.  

Typically, our services in the area of Compensation covers such issues as: 

  • Total compensation design
  • Compensation linkage to overall strategy 
  • Customized Compensation Surveys 
  • Alternative reward systems (including team-based pay and other dynamic pay strategies)
  • Litigation Support

We offer advice in all aspects of compensation plan design and governance in multiple capacities, from specific issues to complex projects and from initial assessment to implementation and communication. It is significantly important that incentive plans and performance-based rewards throughout the organization are tailored to its specific business and culture.


Professional advice on finding the best solution in HR field

High Quality Delivery

Our quality delivery, determined as percentage of filled positions from all client's orders, holds stable above 25%. The rest includes cancellations, competition shares, change of requests, salary issues, etc.

Right Commitment

We trust our expertise. Having our quality delivery stable above 30% we commit to fulfill 25% of all orders charged on a success fee basis.

Smart Communication

Our client’s communicate with a single contact - one of our experienced consultants, who resolves all open tasks on a daily basis.


We like commitments. Find out how we work.

We know how to attract and retain the best people in our team.

Commitment and smart communication are our core values which define how we conduct ourselves and our business.

We create a work culture that promotes professional and personal development, as everyone in our organization contributes to the quality of the service we provide to our clients.

25% COMMITMENT! Having our delivery quality stable above the level of 25%, for a success fee based services we commit 25% fulfilment ratio of all vacancies…


Choose our dedicated recruitment service with guarantees.

We understand that fully committed specialists are the greatest value of the company.  

Our main guarantee and at the same time the key to success is usage of all sourcing techniques combined with recognition of our client’s business environment, awareness of recruitment issues and strong understanding of the fact that "time is money”.

Being in the constant touch with our clients and candidates as well as learning their needs and expectations enables us to find the perfect match.

With the development of our own selection methodology and better understanding of qualifications required for a given job position, we are skilled at reviewing a large bank of prospective employees and selecting the exact candidates. We provide help in accessing unique profiles with hard to find qualifications and rare specialization.

In accordance with our standards, the first real shortlist is presented to our clients within few days of request.


We realize that being smart in communication has a significant impact on cost reduction, increasing effectiveness and business satisfaction improvement levels…

SMART COMMUNICATION  Stay in contact with one Recruiter who will resolve all your pending tasks

Maintaining an effective cooperation with our clients is a matter of particular importance and that is why we place special emphasis on providing an excellent communication.  

Our client communicates with a single contact - one of experienced Consultants, who resolves all open tasks on a daily basis. Constant contact with customers is a precious source of information for us.

Our Consultants are obliged to learn about our partners’ expectations and needs and then as a result to provide a sufficient number of candidates with accurate assessment and reliable feedback.

You can count on their expert assistance throughout the entire recruitment process.

We believe that trust and respect within a partnership are the crucial factors for attaining both sides’ objectives.

Mission statement

Our mission is to offer variety of matching jobs to qualified candidates and fulfil our client recruitment and project needs. We have decided to operate and source in Eastern European countries.

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