Senior SW Engineer

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Information Technology\Software Development
Czech Republic

About the Client

Our client is an international finance provider, he focuses on responsible lending primarily to people with little or no credit history.

About the Role

We are looking for experienced software engineer.


Typical workload
- SW Engineer is responsible to deliver working product/service, where working software is important but not only part. SW engineer cares about product/service end to end and cares about surrounding ecosystem.
- Contributing to requirement analysis. Using agile approach, contribute to analyses during discovery phase and during development phase as well.
- Driving design for responsible area. Always enrich requirements and solution proposal with low level design constrains and proposals.
- Developing of SW itself is significant part of the job. The added value comes from fact that he already contributed to analytical and design phase and also drive development with focus on easy run and maintenance.
- While this role is not directly specialized on Quality assurance, it is part of the role to maintain high quality of product. Therefore, from analysis to production he develops in the way that the product is testable and measurable.
- This role is also responsible to deliver product on productional environment in controlled way. Basically, that expect setup and usage of CI/CD and following QA and release process.
- Support production in active and reactive way. Reactive way is to in time react on incidents and bugs to resolve them with minimal impact on clients. Active way means to setup proper monitoring and problem management. That’s also means that operational support needs are already reflected in design phase.


Technologies expected to be used (deep knowledge is not necessary but beneficial)
- Java, Kotlin, Spring
- REST, GraphQL
- RabbitMQ, Kafka
- BMPN (Camunda/Zeebe)
- DB (Oracle, Postgres, Cassandra, ...) - basic level
- Ansible
- bash
- Gitlab
Must haves
- Professional experience at the similar job role
- Ability of individual logical thinking
- Team player capabilities (practical experience from work on team project)
- Good understanding of agile methodics and agile mindset is required.
- General knowledge as practical experience with quality assurance in agile environment. This include ability to automate test, good understanding CI/CD, ability to design tests in parallel with development, contributing to analytical and design phase to protect QA view.

Nice to Have Skills


How to apply
In case of your interest to apply for this position, please, send us your curriculum vitae in English language on .
Mission statement

Our mission is to offer variety of matching jobs to qualified candidates and fulfil our client recruitment and project needs. We have decided to operate and source in Eastern European countries.

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