Senior Backend Developer

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Information Technology\Software Development
Java 17, Springboot, angular
A competitive and performance-related salary dependent on your professional and personal qualifications is granted - we are obliged by law to quote the minimum wage of EUR 3200€ gross per month for this full time position. But this is just a formality, we

About the Client

Our client is large, strength and health international company, regional banking service provider.
Strength means stability and health means dynamic environment for personal development potential, in a family atmosphere between company and client. In a team, combining historic continuity and vigour of young generation, we are bringing together the best in their field of endeavour - from talented IT staff through to top management.

About the Role

Our client is looking for experienced Senior Backend Developer.


The RS Architecture Team is a highly dynamical Team, whose purpose is to challenge and support the diverse Teams of the division to deliver and maintain state of the art software solutions. The Team is responsible to manage the technical depts of the division’s Teams and to support to reduce them constantly, it doesn’t mean that the focus is legacy, it means that the RS Architecture Team is available to do PoCs and diverse technological evaluations to support Teams in their design decisions.
This is not a normal delivery job. This is the opportunity to work with different teams and different topics and not getting stuck in once domain. We will together support the division and thus being often the early adopters for new technologies and frameworks.

You will: 
•    Support Teams when they struggle
•    Support Teams when they need technological advice
•    Support Teams when specific „global“ changes need to be done (like Cloud Migration).
•    Interact with a lot of different Teams and move from one topic to another along with the priorities of the division

Tech stack:
•    Frontend: Typescript, Angular 
•    Backend: Java 17 (Java 21 to be used soon)
•    Java Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate 
•    Java Libraries: Apache Commons, Google Guava, Jackson, JAXB, SLF4J, Log4j 2, Mockito, Junit, HSQL, Project Lombok, Camunda 
•    Cloud: GCP (we support other Teams in the division for their upcoming GCP migration) 
•    Database: MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 
•    Other: Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins


Experienced in web development using Java
Understand the way Spring applications are written and you are familiar with the challenges that microservices bring
Know and care about engineering practices like code reviews, continuous delivery, defensive programming and automated testing
Comfortable writing high quality and easily maintainable code in a variety of styles (i.e. OO, FP)

Nice to Have Skills

Knowledge of FE development (ideally Angular) is nice to have

How to apply
In case of your interest to apply for this position, please, send us your curriculum vitae in English language on .
Mission statement

Our mission is to offer variety of matching jobs to qualified candidates and fulfil our client recruitment and project needs. We have decided to operate and source in Eastern European countries.

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