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About the Client

Our client is a company specialized in developing a software that is responsible mostly for weather prediction and weather visualisation.

About the Role

The primary responsibility of the Product Manager is coordination of various internal activities necessary to create Product releases and communicate Product changes internally as well as to the users. Product Manager closely cooperates with Product Experts who have deeper knowledge about the Product necessary for taking Product related decision.


· Communicates important Product changes to users through mailing lists or directly to affected users when critical bugs or security vulnerabilities are found.
· Ultimately classifies what is a bug and what is a feature of the Product in the sense of classifying a JIRA issue related to a product change as a Bug or an Improvement/New Feature.
· Approves software change issues in the JIRA product project corresponding to the Product.
· Promotes/presents Product functionalities at User Group Meeting or at exhibitions.
· Coordinates implementation of Product changes with Chief Delivery Officer while gathering input and priorities from:
· The backlog of open issues prior to the release of a new version of the Product, prioritizes bugs, identifies important and low-risk fixes. Verifies what should or should not go into a release.
· Head of Support Department (e.g. important problems which complicate testing or serious bugs found), Head of Testing Department (e.g. important problems which need to be resolved to simplify installations or support) or any other key stakeholders (such as Tech Leads, Project Managers etc.)
· Reviews release notes for a new release of the Product before publishing to make sure they contain useful information for the users of the Product.
· Prepares and publishes (e-mail, Wiki, web page) information about a new releases or important changes (significant upcoming changes, security fixes, etc.) to the mailing list for the Product.
· Regularly cooperates with Product Experts, Chief Technology Officer and Sales Section to define necessary changes to the Product:
· Monitors industry standards and proposes necessary Product changes (WMO guides, ICAO annexes, OGC standards, ...).
· Controls and maintains the list of functional modules of the Product:
· list of modules and their descriptions in the Product price list (in cooperation with the Sales Section),
· mapping price list modules to product requirements,
· assigning license subjects to price list modules or any sub-modules,
· license page, license restrictions & dependencies.
· Maintains the Product development road-map.
· Maintains the list of Product requirements (mainly the requirements document for commissioning or RFI/tenders).
· Controls the use of external intellectual property in the Product (algorithms implemented from whitepapers, licenses for the use of third-party libraries, graphics, datasets).


· Excellent written and spoken English and good presentation skills (be able to fluently present Product technical functionalities).
· Software development background (be able to judge about importance of changes on his/her own, also to be respected partner for technical experts).
· Pro-customer attitude and friendly behavior, positive thinking and communication.
· Willingness to learn new things (to learn about Products initially and then to keep up with pace of our Product development).

Nice to Have Skills


How to apply
In case of your interest to apply for this position, please, send us your curriculum vitae in English language on .
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Our mission is to offer variety of matching jobs to qualified candidates and fulfil our client recruitment and project needs. We have decided to operate and source in Eastern European countries.

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