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Information Technology\IT Management
Czech Republic
Infrastructure, Linux/Unix, Oracle, Scripting, Reporting

About the Client

A Czech company, which develops and customizes own financial systems for 10 top world markets.

About the Role

There is one partially pleasant, but partially also sad situation ahead of NOC Team - our client is now looking for a new NOC Team Leader, as the current one is moving to a different role within the company. What is NOC you might be asking...let us explain.
The whole NOC (Network Operation Center) now has three subteams: OS, Database and Hosel, the overall application support plus it includes Reporting team as well. These teams are taking care of 10 countries where company operates in, helping them with their issues and incidents. Each of the teams has his own Technical Leader, which reports directly to the NOC Team Lead. 
There is quite a few activities this person is and will be in charge of - all the details are described below. But if you enjoy combination of technical work (Linux, databases, scripting), managing your own team and working on multiple different projects then keep scrolling!


- As mentioned, this person is in charge of three NOC Support teams - OS, Database and Hosel, their Technical Leaders. He is helping them with their development - technical and their soft skills. 

-Hence he needs to have a good understanding of how the technical part works (Linux, Oracle databases, scripting,...), but he is also in a close touch with people also outside of his team. 

- He is also in charge of reporting, delivering all the outcomes directly to our management. 

- He is developing, scripting, making things simpler and easier. 

- And of course there are many ad hoc tasks coming and going during the day (incidents, analysis, projects, cooperation with the countries - lately mainly Indonesia and India, ...).


- Leadership skills - we are looking for someone who was already in charge of some team. Even though the NOC Team Leader has now 5 direct subordinates, the whole team has 23 members and there is a high chance there will be more. 
- Has a good knowledge of Linux, databases (preferably Oracle) and scripting (Bash or Perl).
- Is not afraid of reporting, responsibility and communication not only with our management. 
- Is eager to make things simple and better.

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How to apply
In case of your interest to apply for this position, please, send us your curriculum vitae in English language on .
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