DevOps Engineer

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Information Technology\Middleware & DevOps
From 2 000 EUR/month. Final agreement depends on your skill-set and experience.

About the Client

Our client is Slovak Software House, started in 2010 with no foreign venturers or management. They are focusing on custom software development, integration, long term partnership form of outsourcing and development of own start-ups.Their HQ is based in  Košice, Slovakia; extended by branches in Southampton, UK and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Benefits that our client can offer:
- Enjoy the exciting start-up atmosphere or work for stable customers with a great reputation. We offer both under one roof.
- Get your HANDS ON the latest technologies
- Non-formal "dorms-like" working atmosphere
- Fruit of your work will be used by millions of users around the world
- Agile methodologies, lots of unit tests, functional tests, code reviews, scrums, etc.
- Flexible working hours for sure
- Great coffee and lots of fun activities (yes, we do have a secret underground..)
- And of course a great salary corresponding to your skills and hairstyle

About the Role

Our client is trying to make life easier for it´s clients and for people in general. As the DevOps Engineer you will be the one, who will enable our client to do it very quickly and efficiently. While cooperating with developers, you will be responsible for keeping the train rolling with all the lights on, at full speed. Not only that – you will help to design and develop new features for our client´s clients,where you use your expertise as well.


- You will be the one making sure our new features or fixes are made
available to everyone quickly and in reliable way.
- With your expertise you will make sure that as much as possible will be
done in an automated way. Client has multiple environments, those scripts
will need to be able to cover all of them.
- Client´s overall infrastructure will be your responsibility – you will be making
sure, that everything is working for the customers and they are able to use
client´s products.
- Along with other DevOps engineers you will be supporting teams during
release processes, but also after them.
- Important part is also the ability to have DevOps things documented. As a
professional, your task will be to make sure that the team/your colleagues
are able to continue with their work also at the times when you are not
- Day-to-day operations is just part of the job. As a DevOps expert client will
rely on your expertise, when they will try to integrate with new providers, use
new services, create new functionality, etc.


Client is working working with following technologies, so the more experience you have
with those, the better:
- Azure DevOps with CI/CD pipelines (tooling i.e. Python, Java, Powershell,
Bash, Terraform, Ansible, Cloudformation, Puppet, Chef, or similar)
Client store also our their code there.
- Postgres Databases, Integrations and Reporting Services
- AWS Cloud
- Docker/K8
- Python, Terraform
- Knowledge of networking protocols, DNS, HTTP, load balancing, web
- Monitoring tools (Any of DataDog, New Relic, Nagios, Prometheus, Zabbix,
Honeycomb, or similar)

Language requirements:
English (English B2) - ability to communicate and understand properly

Nice to Have Skills


How to apply
In case of your interest to apply for this position, please, send us your curriculum vitae in English language on .
Mission statement

Our mission is to offer variety of matching jobs to qualified candidates and fulfil our client recruitment and project needs. We have decided to operate and source in Eastern European countries.

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