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BI & Analytics
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Information Technology\Big Data & Statistics & Data Science & Data Analysis
AI/ML, DevOps, Cloud
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About the Client

Our client is a provider of top-of-the-line medical solutions with innovative strength in diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, including information technology and system integration. therapies, medical IT solutions complemented with advice and service support. They delivers a comprehensive range of solutions - from prevention and early detection to diagnosis, treatment and patient care.

About the Role

Our client is forming new team to develop and deploy modern infrastructure which enables federated learning of its newest AI / ML algorithms on the medical data spread across the world. Instead of pulling the medical data to central, they will enable to train AI/ML algorithms on the hospital premises and hence shorten time to market AI enabled applications. The team members will be developing rapid prototypes in Azure DevOps environment, microservices, docker images and Kubernetes cluster with deployments into cloud data center or on the hospital premises.

Are you hands on experienced software engineer, passionate about effective and automated software environment enabling quick container deployment? Are you keen on newest trends in AI / ML within healthcare domain? Do you like the feeling, that the results of your work are helping to save the lives? If you answered yourself multiple yes, you should probably pay attention to this opened job position, because it might be the right choice for your future job and career.


- Communicate with the project partners to understand their needs and align on the interfaces with the surrounding applications
- Understand the end to end use case and propose the solution’s architecture
- Development of the business logic (e.g. web pages) in lean and iterative way
- Continuous deployment of the software platform (Docker, Kubernetes) into the cloud environment
- Reflecting user feedbacks and change requests in short development cycles (sprints)
- Integrate advanced AI / ML algorithms into the platform business logic, clarifying the learning parameters and KPI’s with the data scientists
- Document the solution and share and hand over to the project partners


- Bachelor or Master of Science in Computer Science or related field
- Knowledge of DevOps approach, Docker and Kubernetes technologies
- Experience with deployment into cloud data centers – e.g. Microsoft Azure or other providers
- Data science and/or machine learning related experiences and relevant tools (e.g., ML flow, Kubeflow, python)
- Agile mindset
- Communication and presentation skills in English
- Communication in virtual environment (e.g. MS Teams, Webex etc.)
- Feedback culture and willingness to learn

Nice to Have Skills

- Experience with Angular or another web framework (e.g. React)
- Experiences with or abilities to read and use various programming languages (e.g. Python, TypeScript, React, Java, …)
- Programming skills in C# or other object-oriented programming language(s), micro-services architecture, distributed computing, API management, data management
- Experiences or knowledge of problematics of responsive design, desktop or mobile targeted platforms

How to apply
In case of your interest to apply for this position, please, send us your curriculum vitae in English language on .
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